Sam caulking the eaves, March 2011.

We were given the luxury of driving straight to the work site on Wednesday, which gave everyone an extra hour of sleep. And given that I think everyone in the group is desperately sleep deprived, that was a good thing. Nevertheless, a blanket of lethargy seemed to cover the group. They set about their various tasks at once, but the lack of gear to deal with newly discovered lead paint and the fact that priming was about over pointed to one important task: caulking. Filling gaps and holes in the siding is important, but it can be tedious and back-breaking work. And then there are the second story eaves.

Lunch time on Hickory Street, March 2011.

Duncan also uncovered some termite damage on one of the houses, which could mean replacing a substantial amount of siding or worse. Lunch could have also contributed to the energy level. As enjoyable as the po-boys from the local shop were, the result was somewhat debilitating. But, we slogged through to clean-up time and headed back to Saint Raymond’s for dinner. Molly and Duncan both told me that we would be able to start painting on Thursday, which I’m certain will provide a shot in the arm.

After dinner (country-fried steak and dirty rice), I took Trevor’s group over for a our of the Lower Ninth while the other groups headed over to Marrero. Everyone would converge on the French Quarter for a scavenger hunt developed by the leaders — a list of forty items they had to locate and photograph in two hours; the more items identified, the more points. Example: locate a street name that appears in the title of a jazz tune. Possible answers: Basin, Canal, Rampart, Burgundy, etc. Happily, the Zulus won going away, with Los Islenos coming in second. I guess it would have been embarrassing (for me and the course) if one of my groups didn’t win.

Walter "Wolfman" Washington, March 2011.

I wandered over to the Spotted Cat. There is a urologist convention in town and the place was lousy with doctors, so I politely backed out the door and went across the street to d.b.a. Sadly, i just missed Tin Men, featuring Washboard Chaz and Matt Perrine on tuba. I caught some from the door, but could have used a whole set. But afterwards, Walter “Wolfman” Washington ands the Roadmasters took the stage. I was familiar with him and a couple of his hits, but had never seen him live. And it was outstanding. A lively blend of blues guitar, funk, and r & b, all colored by the joy and broad grin of someone who loves his music. And to top it off, he was joined by “Kid Chocolate” Brown on trumpet and for two numbers, keyboardist Jon Cleary. Pure joy.

Everyone wandered back to Madonna Manor. And unlike other night, there was minimum kibitzing. Instead, there was a nod or a feeble wave and a bee line for the sleeping bag.