January snow drift.

We are only a month into winter and it seems more brutal than most…and I haven’t even been here for all of it. Since December 26th, we’ve had several good rounds of snow. And today, it’s mid afternoon and the high temperature is still in the single digits. I won’t talk about the wind chill factor…

Since I moved to New Hampshire from the mid Atlantic, late winter and early spring have been hard to adjust to and cold weather and winter precipitation just makes it worse. When you grow up with green grass and flowers in March, it makes New England winters a little hard to slouch through.

And that is why, since 2006, I have been looking forward to spring break and my annual visit to New Orleans. And it’s not all fun and games: whether it’s gutting houses; clearing brush; light demolition and construction; or painting, I inevitably offend muscles I had long forgotten about.

Formal garden on Royal Street.

But in between workdays, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be able to wander the streets of the City in short sleeves and shorts. With the exception of last year, which was historically cold, grass and tree leaves will be bright green and azaleas, camellias, and redbuds will be in bloom. And there will be parades and street performers and, well, you get the idea.

So, there are almost seven weeks of winter between now and them. And I’ll dutifully put on my layers and clear my driveway and listen to the heat come on, again and again. But I can remember:  the average high temperatures in New Orleans during March are in the low seventies. At night, it will likely drop down into the fifties. I think I can deal with a little of that.