I apologize for the extended break, but I have found the news from the Gulf so disheartening. And now the oil from the blown well is stretching from eastern Texas to the Florida Panhandle. While the oil has not reached New Orleans, it has affected seafood prices and geographically-challenged tourist have stayed away. But now oil is threatening Barataria Bay and tar balls have been found in Lake Ponchartrain.

And in the city itself, the NOPD is chasing street musicians off of Bourbon Street and Frenchmen Street for violations of the city’s noise ordinances. The To Be Continued (TBC) Brass Band has staked out Canal and Bourbon for years and now its members are being shooed away like pests. I guess the cops haven’t seen the other things going on in the city. There appears to be some movement towards compromise, but in the meantime make your voices be heard by joining the Facebook page: Don’t Stop the Music. Let New Orleans Street Musicians Play! As of today, over 16,000 have joined.

OK, next post will be happy. Promise!