While this is generally considered a bad luck day, a day to be avoided, it is the day that the New Orleans class has anticipated from when class began during the snowy days of January. Although the snowy days of March may have heightened the excitement of travelling south even more. The vans are in Durham, travel monies have been distributed, and all that waits is for students to be brought together for the 1500-mile trip. And from what I can gather, leaders and students alike are bouncing off the walls.


Last I heard, travel group number 2, led by Trevor and Conor, will be pulling out around 1:00am. I’ll be following them, by air about five hours later. By early afternoon,I would expect the other groups to be on the road. While they travel through the mid-Atlantic, the Appalachians, and the Deep South, I will arrive in New Orleans Friday afternoon to get a tour of our housing in Marrerro, Louisiana and to touch base with our hosts, Operation Helping Hands. I suspect I’ll take a walk along Royal Street and find a nice bench in Jackson Square, among other things. Music will definitely be on the menu. Early arrivals on Saturday may have a chance to attend the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade during the afternoon and/or the  Italian American Parade that evening. Regardless, we’ll all be together by Sunday to bask in the relative warmth and to explore the myriad of idiosyncracies that are the city of New Orleans. (Above, Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade, New Orleans, 2008)