I grew up in the South, but for some strange reason I always wanted to live in New England. My dream came true 18 years ago when I came to UNH and moved my family from the Washington, DC area. Even though I don’t ski, I don’t mind the cold weather or the snow. I’ve even taken up snow shoeing. When it comes to the seasons, it is usually the delayed arrival of spring that bothers me most — until this year.

It is 21 degrees today, but with the wind chill it feels like single digits. I think I owe the guy who plows my driveway about a month’s salary. There is more snow on the way.

New Orleans is abnormally cool today, in the mid 50s. It’ll be climbing into the 70s over the next few days. During the week we’re in Waveland, MS the average high temperature is  about 70 degrees with an average low of 50. You can add a couple of degrees for New Orleans.

Spring flowers will be in bloom. The trees will have leaves on them.

I think I feel better already.